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- Hartsdale Parking District & Fairness -

Mr. Siegel:

Good evening. I just read your “Hartsdale Parking Metro North” update at I noticed that you quoted some—but for some reason not all—of the EVEC section on parking.

In fact, it appears you left out some very important language. (Note: the language you excluded is bolded and italicized below.)

“If Edgemont were to incorporate, however, the District would also be impacted. Under the relevant law, the Village of Edgemont would have the right to a proportionate share of the assets and liabilities of the District, including real and personal property, since portions of the District (e.g., the area of the Greenridge Association, Central Park Avenue Association and the Northern Greenville Association north of Healy) are physically located within the boundaries of Edgemont. In other words, Edgemont would have a claim on certain of the District’s assets, most likely a portion of the parking spaces located on the Pipeline or in Site D (the parking area across the tracks from the Pipeline).”

Could you please explain why you left out that specific language?

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully, Jon Lewis




Dear Mr. Lewis,

Thank you for your letter.  Regarding your question about which sections of the EVEC Report were quoted and why.  There are several reasons why we did not quote the bolded sentences you identified on in your letter.  First, as you noted, we stated that “Under the relevant law, the Village of Edgemont would have the right to a proportionate share of the assets and liabilities of the District.”  This states two things: i) Edgemont has rights that it can pursue under the law with regard to parking, and ii) that there are both assets and liabilities that an Edgemont village might be subject to.  Liabilities might include, for example, debt, which we also did not address.  The fact that we stopped the quotation at this point on the summary page was to succinctly state the EVEC report’s conclusions.  We did not continue for several reasons, first and foremost in the introduction to this page, we directed residents to the precise page where the EVEC report discusses the Hartsdale parking district.  All residents should read the report in its entirety and make up their own minds about what it says and means.  Additionally, the status of what constitutes the parking district is not clear, as pointed out in the subsequent paragraph which analyses the varying interpretations of the district.  Until that issues is resolved, which could require expensive litigation on the part of a new Edgemont village, the particulars of the assets and liabilities are uncertain.