Our goal is to give the facts about what Edgemont incorporation will mean for the residents of Edgemont.  These facts are based on the Edgemont Village Exploratory Committee’s (EVEC) report issued in 2005, which you may download here.  That non-partisan report was written by more than fifteen members of our community who strongly supported, opposed or were neutral to incorporation.  Members had expertise in the law, real estate, finance and government.  The report took more than a year to complete, and its results were accepted by the community because of the non-partisan nature of the committee’s work and the open discussions and updates that the committee held for Edgemont’s residents.  No petition for incorporation was circulated at that time because residents of Edgemont were well informed on the issues of taxes, services, zoning, etc. and it is unlikely sufficient signatures could be obtained or a vote for incorporation pass.  

The current pro-incorporation group is by it’s nature partisan, and consequently its report should be read with full knowledge and acceptance of that fact.  Indeed, many of the original pro-incorporation committee members and supporters from 2005 are now leading the current incorporation effort.  If indeed things have changed over the intervening years, than why wasn’t another non-partisan committee – with supporters, objectors and undecided residents - formed to reevaluate incorporation? 

It is clear to us that the underlying facts have not changed.  In an incorporated Edgemont, residents will be paying more taxes, have reduced services, may lose access to or have to pay higher fees for Town services and amenities – for example, the Antony Veteran Pool, the Theodore Young Center, Metro North parking and water district charges to name but a few. 

These hard facts cannot be denied or wished away, indeed, Governor Cuomo has recently begun a Shared Services Initiative urging communities to move in the opposite direction, that is, to consolidate services in order to reduce tax burdens through the economies of scale that come from community cooperation.  You may view his initiative here.

Over the next few days and weeks we will address the numerous issues that incorporation will affect, such as:

  • Taxes & water rate
  • Town court
  • Legal costs associated with incorporation
  • Services – police, sanitation, leaf collection, street repair, department of public works, infrastructure repair (water mains/sewage, traffic lights and street lighting)
  • Zoning & Planning
  • A. F. Veteran Pool
  • Theodore Young Center
  • The Greenburgh Community
  • Bullying, Threats & Harassment

We believe that Edgemont incorporation will not benefit Edgemont residents – and you need to consider that in how you view this site.  However, we will endeavor to tell the truth, and will report on the numerous issues that are part of village incorporation based on the 2005 EVEC report. Whether you view those issues as supporting or opposing incorporation is your call. 

We welcome your comments.  If you see something you believe is inaccurate email us at noedgexit@gmail.com, but be prepared with facts to back up you position.  If you would like your letter published, let us know, but remember, there are rules of common civility, which we will enforce.  We will not publish ad hominem attacks, foul language, or anonymous posts - you must give your name.  The bottom line is, if you would not be proud to have your child stand up and read it at school, it probably won’t be published here.

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.
— Thomas Jefferson