Taxes – A 30% - 37% increase in Edgemont taxes is likely to occur on incorporation depending on the level of service Edgemont residents desire.

The 2005 EVEC Report is available here in its entirety.  The specific section on taxes - D. HOW TAXES WOULD CHANGE WERE EDGEMONT A VILLAGE – may be found on pages 19-35.  This is short summary (which we hope to expand on in the coming days) and we urge you to read the section on taxes in its entirely so that you feel you have a full understanding of that report.

As mentioned elsewhere, the 2005 EVEC Report was written by well-respected community members from both sides of the issue on incorporation and many of whom who had significant experience in finance.  Their conclusion is that incorporation would increase Edgemont taxes by 30% to 37% (see below).  The difference between the 2005 EVEC Report and the 2017 Report, which suggests that a tax increase of ~1%, is so divergent that it raises question as to the legitimacy of the 2017 report which was commissioned solely by those interested in incorporation.

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