Our Recommendation

As we mentioned in “About This Site” we believe that the 2005 Edgemont Village Exploratory Committee (EVEC) report argues against incorporation on the basis of taxes, services and zoning. The report carries great weight because the committee that wrote it was composed of residents who supported, opposed and were neutral to incorporation.  Consequently, the conclusions and veracity of the 2005 report are difficult to challenge by a report written only by residents supporting incorporation who have a conscious or unconscious vested interest in its outcome.  We believe current supporters of incorporation have a responsibility to the Edgemont community to help organize a new committee made up of resident of all views, as was done in 2005, so that a complete and unbiased report may be written.

Consequently, we recommend residents not sign a petition for incorporation until the supporters, opponents and uncommitted residents of Edgemont come together and review the consequences of incorporation.  Once incorporated, increased taxes and reduced services cannot be undone.  At that point supporters of incorporation can only state - “We thought we had our numbers right – sorry.”