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Please Bear with us

We have just begun this site and wanted to get you the 2005 Edgemont Village Exploratory Committee (EVEC) report as soon as possible so you could read it and decide for yourself whether or not to sign the petition for incorporations.  As we mentioned in “About This Site” we believe that the 2005 report argues against incorporation on the basis of taxes, services and zoning, and this report carries great weight because the committee that wrote it was composed of residents who supported, opposed and were neutral to incorporation.  Consequently, the conclusions and veracity of the 2005 report are difficult to challenge by a report written only by residents supporting incorporation who have a conscious or unconscious vested interest in its outcome.  Indeed, if the current supporters of incorporation truly believe that Edgemont would be better off as a village, it is incumbent upon them to help form a new committee made up of resident of all views - as was done in 2005.

As we build this site we plan to address the numerous issues that are a consequence of incorporation including:

  • Taxes & water rates
  • Town court
  • Legal costs associated with incorporation
  • Services – police, sanitation, leaf collection, street repair, department of public works, infrastructure repair (water mains/sewage, traffic lights and street lighting)
  • Zoning & Planning
  • A. F. Veteran Pool
  • Theodore Young Center
  • The Greenburgh Community
  • Bullying, Threats & Harassment

We will also provide documents and websites with pertinent information, and have analysis by community members.  Please bear with us as we start up.