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Bullying / Harassment / Intimidation / Threats – Originally this topic was going to be one of the last we addressed, however since beginning this effort several people have told us that they, or their children, have been harassed, threatened or shunned because they do not support Edgemont incorporation.  Most say they do not want us to use their names because they fear that will only lead to further harassment of them or their children.  Many say they support our efforts, but will not put up lawn signs because they will be subjected to harassment. 

Intimidation and harassment take many forms, verbal, physical, exclusion of residents or their children from community activities, videotaping or recording.  But remember, the goal is always the same - to silence opposing opinions, shut down free speech, and to say - “our opinion is right, we know better, and if you voice your opinion there will be consequences”.  This is the antithesis of the fundamental values our society is built on, and gives one pause about how the Village of Edgemont would be governed. 

If you feel you have been bullied, intimidated or threatened, tell the police.

If you feel comfortable using your name, let us know and we will publish your comments here.

Update - Brouhaha in Edgemont -

  • Sunday morning 06-04-17 signs opposing EdgExit go up
  • Sunday night 06-04-17 signs knocked down.
  • Monday evening 06-05-17 – while putting up new signs, a motorist stopped to videotape us.  We called the police.  Soon after the police arrived the motorist left.  The police said we need to check with the town to find out the law.  (Aside – if Edgemont incorporates, I will sorely miss the professionalism of the Greenburgh Police.)
  • Tuesday morning 06-06-17 – called town, was told that there is no law prohibiting signs.

The real issue here is not signage, but the consequences of incorporation to the residents of Edgemont.  Why are proponents of incorporation trying so furiously to shut down opposing points of view, instead of making rational, cool-headed arguments for their position?  Again, it gives one pause to consider what governance in a Village of Edgemont would be like.


 - Earlier Posts -

Here are a few examples of what happened to one of us recently –

Don Siegel

  • My wife and I were videotaped by a supporter of incorporation at the last Town sponsored meeting on incorporation on April 24th. 
  • After my robocall to Edgemont residents on May 22 informing them about our Facebook page, supporters of incorporations contacted residents to tell them my call was illegal, and they should report it to the Federal Communication Commission and gave the link.  The call was legal.
  • After my robocall, our Facebook group received many vitriolic posts so we had to take it down – that is one of the reasons for establishing this website.
  • More importantly, a resident supporting incorporation quickly set up a Facebook page with a same name as our Facebook group to misdirect people from our site.  While this may appear to be juvenile hijinks, it is in fact a way to intimidate us and shut down speech that some supporters of incorporation object to – aka dirty tricks.


You can’t be against bullying without actually doing something about it.
— Randi Weingarten